Cress [Audiobook Review]

Spoiler Free, I promise.

Title: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer
Narrator: Rebecca Soler
Genre: Young Adult; Science Fiction
Pages: 560 pages
Audio: 15.6 hours
Year: 2014
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Source: Personal Collection
Book Rating: 4.5/5
Audio Rating: 5/5


I’m going to skip this in order to avoid spoilers. You can read the publisher’s description here.

My Thoughts:

You all know I loved Cinder and Scarlet, right? Well, this third installment in The Lunar Chronicles did not disappoint me either. Once again, I am going to try to push a series that has lunar people and cyborgs on you. Deal with it.

I don’t want to say too much, since this is the third book in a series and I could get spoilery pretty fast here. There is a lot going on this one. We add another “main” character to the mix which means we have to balance even more storylines. Like the title characters before her, Cress is (very) loosely based on a fairytale: Rapunzel.  We’ve actually met Cress before but she takes a lead role here.

One thing I didn’t like – and here I go being vague again – is that one main character was MIA for most of the book. It left me feeling a little unbalanced.

But, overall, this book is fast-paced and action-packed, twisting and turning until it’s suddenly over and we’re left wanting more. If you haven’t taken my advice to try this series yet, you’re really missing out.

Audiobook Thoughts:

Rebecca Soler is downright amazing in this series. I wouldn’t dream of reading it in print.

3 thoughts on “Cress [Audiobook Review]

  1. Kailana March 3, 2014 / 2:40 pm

    hm. I was thinking of rereading book 1 because I haven’t read the rest of the series yet… and I do have audible credits… Maybe I should get the audio!


  2. Vishy March 4, 2014 / 10:43 pm

    Nice review, Michelle. The fact that the book is based on ‘Rapunzel’ makes me want to try it. What would Rapunzel do when she met lunar people and cyborgs? I want to find out. It is also wonderful to know that the audio book is excellent. That last sentence from your review – ‘I wouldn’t dream of reading it in print’ – that made me smile 🙂


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