The Sunday Salon [8.16.15]

Getting some laptop time in has proved difficult this summer. I thought I would be able to catch up on some blogging but I’ve only managed to get further behind. So here is a catch-up Sunday Salon.


I’ve been reading a little on my maternity leave, but not nearly as much as I planned on reading. It’s not that I lack the time, really. I just lack the energy and focus. I spend most of my time sitting on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars, and messing around on my phone. Seriously, someone needs to take my phone away if I am ever going to get back into reading.

I am currently reading Everything Leads to You for the book club I cannot attend and listening to the newest Maisie Dobbs. I finished I’ll Give You the Sun, A Grown-Up Kind of PrettyFairest, and started and stopped a few others, but that’s it. I’ve got quite a few audiobooks on deck, assuming that is the more likely format for me these days. But I’ll probably just continue to catch up on the latest mystery in Rosewood.


I started running a little. I haven’t really run regularly since last April (3 months off for my foot followed by the crazy heat and travel of summer followed by 9 months of pregnancy), so I am starting slowly. My last run was only 15 minutes long. But it feels good to be out there again. I’ve got at least 15 pounds to lose, but I won’t really try too hard to lose it for awhile for fear of messing with my supply.


Life is good. Ben is back at work, Evan starts school tomorrow, and, aside from visitors, Kai and I are on our own for a month before I go back to work and he starts daycare. I am very thankful for this maternity leave and even more thankful that it has been pretty low key and relaxing (so different from my leave with Evan). Plus I’ve been keeping up with what’s going on at work enough that I think returning won’t be too shocking.  I just need to figure out how on Earth I’ll manage to get two kids and myself up and ready, get to two different daycare drop-offs, and get myself to work at a reasonable hour. This seems like an impossible feat from where I am sitting. But it might make for an interesting “day in the life of” post.


How have you all been? Reading anything interesting? Ready for the back to school hustle?


 The Sunday

One thought on “The Sunday Salon [8.16.15]

  1. Ti August 17, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    First off, yes… do not even fret about the 15 lbs. When I was nursing it just fell off (and then some).

    Look at that kid!! He is is darn cute and Evan is so cute, too.

    You will figure out the drop off/ pick up stuff. It will be a bit of an adjustment for a good week but then it will all fall into place and you’ll tweak stuff as you go along to suit your needs. I had a long commute with my daughter and it worked best if my sitter fed her from my pumped supply before I picked her up, I would then pump before I left to get her and then just hand over what I pumped to keep the supply going. It worked fine.

    Reading. I’ve been reading all sorts of stuff. I finished Atlas Shrugged and it’s 1200 freakin’ pages! It feels good to cross it off the list. I also finished Everything I Never Told You which was really good and I just finished Nantucket by Nan Rossiter. So I’ve been reading but not writing reviews. I have to catch up. We started school and I’ve just been too busy with stuff.


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