Organizing All the Toys

I saw Trish’s Inspiration on Monday link-up and, like many of the fun things that Trish posts about, I decided that was something I should try and it fits in well with my latest past time. I have been in the midst of a pretty hardcore decluttering of the house lately (despite being forever on the waiting list for The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). I’ve donated bags and boxes of clothes and games and household goods. I’ve recycled nostalgia. I’ve tossed broken things I’m never going to fix.

But one area that I have not yet decluttered is kids toys and books. 8.5 months pregnant means I’m not in the right state of mind to get rid of kids’ stuff. Instead, I’ve just re-organized it.

I find that making sure everything has a home is the key to keeping the mess under control. Lots of baskets and bins and dedicated shelves. I like having toys and books accessible around the house instead of confined to one room (I think my room, the kitchen, and the bathrooms are the only toy-free areas). My house in the middle of a Saturday afternoon looks like a colorful war zone. But by Saturday night, we’ve generally picked it all up. And it doesn’t even take that long.

So, here is what my toy organization looks like.


My greatest creation:



EVAN’S ROOM (I actually like keeping this pretty toy-free)


And, just in case you felt bad that everything was actually picked up, this was the state of my back porch the morning I took photos.

So, what is your toy/book strategy? Do you corral them all into one room, close the door, and stay away? Do you allow the toys to take over the house? Do you take the minimalist approach and limit the amount of kids stuff that comes in the house?

The Sunday Salon: Home Edition [4.28.13]

Yesterday, we celebrated our one year anniversary in our house. To celebrate, I thought I’d show some of the big changes we’ve made in the last year. I know I’ve shared some of these before, so I’ll be brief. I just thought this might be a fun Sunday post today.


I talked about the nursery previously, so if you want to see more pictures, you can go here. But the after picture is what it actually looks like today, after we’ve been using it for 11 months.



Guest Room

I did a whole post on this, too, and this one angle doesn’t show off all of the room’s cool features (like the teal wall and the color-coded bookshelves). But it does show some of the big changes.




The before and after shots are from opposite ends of the lanai, but I think that angle works best to see everything now. We just made these changes this week, and I am thrilled to finally be able to sit out there.



Living room

Big changes here were the rug and the couches. We also swapped out the coffee table for this ottoman while we have an unsteady baby. It feels a lot cozier.



One room that is conspicuously absent from this post is our own bedroom. I am hoping that by this time next year, I’ll have something to show you there.

We have done a lot more around the house to make it our own and I don’t have time to show you every picture frame we added or doorknob we swapped out. But after a year in our house, I love it even more that I did when we bought it. We’ve really made it out own and it makes me happy to look around.