Savannah [Wordless Wednesday]

We spent the weekend in Savannah, which was a bit of disaster. But here are a few photos (the only ones I’ve had a chance to edit so far) anyway. Don’t worry. These were all pre-puking-on-the-trolley.

One of E giving Ben a kiss by the river.

And a couple from the playground at Forsyth Park.

I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to play with the camera more while I was there. I had my camera last year when we visited, but I was still shooting on auto at that point. Instead, I spent the whole weekend either at my conference or cuddling a sick kid. It sounds like this conference may be there again next year so all is not lost.

Sunsets & Sand [Wordless Wednesday]

On Sunday, I desperately wanted to go to the beach. Evan’s mid-day nap makes it a little difficult, but we planned to put him down a little early and hopefully head to the beach around 3pm. At 3pm, Evan was still sleeping and the wind was blowing at a steady 26 miles per hour.  So we went to plan B.

After dinner, we hopped in the car, fought our way through the spring breakers, and took a little walk on Clearwater Beach.

Evan didn’t remember the beach. He kept saying “wow” and then made up a fun game of throwing himself on the sand. He likes to take off so we used the monkey backpack (“packpack!”) to keep him away from the water and near us. I never thought I would be the parent who put her kid on a leash.

We didn’t stay for the actual sunset (it’s a little too close to E’s bedtime and we knew we’d have to fight the tourists on the way off the beach, too), but we had fun walking around on such a lovely evening.

On the photography side of things, I used my 50 1.8, but kept the f-stop a little higher than I generally like because of all the light. I find that it sometimes has a hard time autofocusing if subjects are too far or too close. I actually had to set it to infinity focus for the two setting sun shots. I also learned how to use the clone button in photoshop and deleted a few birds and the tag off of Evan’s backpack. I think you can tell but not too bad. I am finally using photoshop in its verb form.

 So this post was full of words. Happy Wordless Wednesday, regardless.

Feels Like Spring…Here In Florida At Least [Wordless Wednesday]

On Sunday, we went down to Largo Central Park to ride the train (once a month, a volunteer group puts on these awesome train rides for kids). But the line was long, and E doesn’t really know what’s going on yet, so we just ran around the park for awhile instead playing and snapping photos.

First, my absolute favorite of the day:

You don’t normally think of “pretty” when you think of Largo, FL (or at least I don’t). But Largo Central Park is actually quite lovely (and has a fantastic playground). It’s worth the few extra miles.

And they have a great field to run around with a soccer ball in.

I know this next one is not the model of perfect photography (the sky is overexposed for one thing) but it makes my heart happy.

More soccer:

And another favorite (even though I think the focus ended up on the soccer ball and E’s face is a bit out of focus – that 1.8 lens takes some practice):