A Winnie the Pooh Birthday

This post is long overdue. Evan turned one over a month ago. But I didn’t have all of my pictures yet, so I waited. And then I got the pictures and life happened. You know how this blog works.

Anyway, Evan had a Winnie-the-Pooh themed party and it was fabulous. Ben and I spent a long time planning it and it went by way too fast, but everything was perfect, right down to the smash cake.

First, the invites:

I had a photographer take photos at the party so I wouldn’t have to worry about it (best decision ever) and before the party started, we did a quick family portrait session.

This last picture inludes Ben’s parents, grandma, and sister who came from Michigan and Pennsylvania for the weekend.

The other photos are a mix of the photographer’s and mine.

We had a few different decorations up. The “ONE” and “1” that I’ve shown before:

Frames with Pooh quotes and artwork:

Hunny pots:

A timeline of Evan’s first year:

Signs around the house (guess where I put that first one):

A beehive:

And some books, of course (I also had books as party favors):

We set the food up in the kitchen (just realized this photo doesn’t actually have any food in it):

We named each dish something Pooh-ish:

My favorite:

And, finally, the cake:

And the smashing:

I have a ton more photos, but I’ve tried to keep this as concise as possible. A lot of people came. There were kids running all over the place (the weather actually cooperated). It was a great day. Now I need to start planning for next year…

TSS: May 2013 Recap

The Sunday Salon.com



Gosh, didn’t I JUST wrap up April? May FLEW by. Maybe I can blame that for the really, really awful reading month I had. In May, I read:



  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
  • The End of the Affair by Graham Greene (audio)
  • Life after Life by Kate Atkinson (audio)
  • If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This (audio)

I also reviewed The AbsolutistThe Tao of Pooh; and Scarlet and posted by Armchair Audies Wrap-Up.


I haven’t been to a dance class in just about two months. Life was so busy and I really am not that happy with the class I’ve been going to (they let teenagers into the adult class and I am getting much too old to be dancing with teenagers). My teacher, whom I adore, is leaving and, even though she won’t be teaching anymore, I am actually hoping to try a new class with her this summer.

I got the all-clear to start running again two weeks ago so I am slowly making my way back. I bought some new shoes that are AMAZING. My shin splints haven’t made a single appearance and I am just thrilled. I actually ran a 5k yesterday, but that was part of June so you get to hear about that next month.


Well this was a big month for me as a mom. Evan turned one (see a video of his first year) and we threw him a huge party (see a preview in my Pin It & Do It wrap-up post). He has really started walking now and I think I have to admit I have a toddler now. Which makes me happy and sad. This parenting thing is always a little bittersweet. I love watching him grow but I don’t want him to do it too fast.

I also kept taking pictures, as usual. See photos from a day at the park and some more random pictures of Evan.


Evan’s First Year

My little baby is turning one today. I can hardly believe that it has already been a year, yet it’s been quite the journey at the same time. I couldn’t love this little boy more, even when he’s waking me up at 4am (we’re working on this, I swear).

I am a little emotional today and very busy getting ready for E’s party, so I am going to keep this post short. Instead, here is Evan’s First Year in pictures:

The Sunday Salon [5.19.13]

The Sunday Salon.com

This was not my best blogging week. But it wasn’t my best anything week really. Life just seems to busy these days. I’m hoping it settles down soon. Although I’ve not had time to read more than a few pages in print this week, I did finish Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life on audio yesterday. I think I need to discuss this with someone. Takers?

I am busy getting ready for my little baby to turn ONE next weekend, but I am still in disbelief that it has actually been a year since he was born.

But then again, he is walking every where these days…

…which has led to much more baby-proofing.

We even had to start putting shoes on our Florida baby (remember when it took us months to even put him in pants?).

But we do get a few moments of calm. Every once in awhile.

And now I am off to paint some more honey pots. Have a wonderful Sunday, readers.

The Sunday Salon [5.12.13]

The Sunday Salon.com

Today is my very first Mother’s Day (unless you count being 9 months pregnant last year). Being a mom is the best and most difficult and most amazing and most exhausting job I’ve ever had. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there. I don’t want to get too mushy here – I’ll save that for E’s birthday later this month.

Today is also my five year Florida anniversary (or, my Florida-versary). Five years ago, my dad and I drove from Michigan to Florida with an Aerostar full of my things (Ben was already living here for a year). Some days I look I look at the sunshine, blue sky, and palm trees and and wonder, “how did I end up here?” Life is interesting.

Finally, I have a trial starting tomorrow so you all know the drill by now. I’ll be putting the blog in maintenance mode and protecting my twitter and instagram accounts for a few days. The things I do for googling jurors. Hopefully I’ll be back to my public ways by Wednesday.