Saturdays Are for Ball Pits, Apparently

After going to the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa the weekend before, Evan and I met some friends at the Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Pete (now, when is Clearwater getting one?). I have more pictures of Emerson here than Evan, partly because I don’t see him very often, partly because he isn’t really mobile yet so he is easier to capture, but mostly because he is so darn cute. I think these boys are going to be buddies when they’re a little bigger. Here they are having some fun in the toddler area:

A (Sticky) Evening at the Zoo [Wordless Wednesday]

A friend and I took our boys to Lowry Park Zoo on Saturday evening (you may recognize Elliott from last week’s post – he and Evan are becoming besties). The zoo was open late and the weather kept most people away so we practically had the place to ourselves. It was awesome.

Once I was home, I started playing around with the images, giving a lot of them some black and white treatment. Photography friends, should I try to stay consistent when editing a “series” of photos? Or is it okay to vary it up like I did here? I’m learning/experimenting and appreciate tips.

And now, no more words.

Duck Derby [Wordless Wednesday]

I’m not sure why I didn’t put this together before. I like doing photo posts…there is a weekly meme called Wordless Wednesday…sounds like I should be joining in the fun.

So here is my inaugural Wordless Wednesday post. On Saturday, we took Evan (and his friends, Elliott and Zander) to the Dunedin Duck Derby. Otherwise known as the slowest race ever. Perhaps you should find a river next year, guys.

Now, no more words.







The Sunday Salon [5.19.13]

The Sunday

This was not my best blogging week. But it wasn’t my best anything week really. Life just seems to busy these days. I’m hoping it settles down soon. Although I’ve not had time to read more than a few pages in print this week, I did finish Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life on audio yesterday. I think I need to discuss this with someone. Takers?

I am busy getting ready for my little baby to turn ONE next weekend, but I am still in disbelief that it has actually been a year since he was born.

But then again, he is walking every where these days…

…which has led to much more baby-proofing.

We even had to start putting shoes on our Florida baby (remember when it took us months to even put him in pants?).

But we do get a few moments of calm. Every once in awhile.

And now I am off to paint some more honey pots. Have a wonderful Sunday, readers.