BEA Books I Am Most Looking Forward to, or Which Books BEA Attendees Can Taunt Michelle With Later [Armchair BEA]

Welcome back. I have another Armchair BEA post for you.

Last year, I learned that you can’t take every book that is handed to you at BEA. You will never read them all. You will have to carry them around all day. It doesn’t end well. If I could go to BEA this year, I would be much more selective. And, if I only walked away with 6 books (unlikely), it would be these 6. Most of these ended up being the next in a YA series and I am probably most excited for Crossed.

  • Crossed by Ally Condie
  • Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Death Cure by James Dashner
  • The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson
  • The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides (no cover available)
  • Habibi by Craig Thompson

What books are you looking forward to? Which ones would you grab at BEA?


New York Recap: Days 4 & 5 (The Rest of the City)

The time is here to give you my final New York Recap. You can find the two previous posts here and here.

We slept in on  Sunday and I think that was a very good decision. We started the day at the Bagel Smashery in Hoboken. We got our bagels to go and brought them with us to the Brooklyn Bridge. We joined the crowds walking across the bridge and when we got to the middle we ate our breakfast. It was a little strange sitting and eating above the speeding traffic but we had a good time.

Ben and Me
Emily and Me

After the Brooklyn Bridge, we went over to 5th Avenue for a little shopping. We started at the Apple Store and FAO Schwartz  and when we got there, we saw that there was a movie being filmed. After a brief investigation we discovered it was the Smurfs movie. Emily looked up who was in the movie and found out NEIL PATRICK HARRIS is one of the stars. We looked high and low but couldn’t find him. We did get to see Jayma Mays (Emma from Glee) before we went into the stores but we were a bit disappointed.

And then, when we emerged from FAO Schwartz, there he was. Neil Patrick Harris. My life was now complete.

Jayma Mays

Neil Patrick Harris

Next we went to The Plaza Hotel, Tiffany’s, Rockafeller Center, and Nintendo World, among others (these are just the places that are on my foursquare list).

Ben with Mario

We took a little break at Grand Central Station and then proceeded to Bryant Park and Washington Square Park.

We spent the evening having dinner at La Lanterna and singing at Karaoke One 7.

Day 5

Monday saw our last day in the city. After packing all of our things (and by things I mean books), we headed to Central Park to have lunch. My friend, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Ben, met us there and we had a nice picnic. Nicole and I have been friends since 7th grade – we went to middle school, high school, and college together and she graciously gave me a place to live when I was in San Francisco. She currently lives in Ithaca and we rarely get to see each other, so being in the same place at the same time was a real treat.

After lunch, we went to the Natural History museum where Ben was amazed at the size of the blue whale. This isn’t a great picture of the whale but I had to share it anyway:

It's Huge!

Then we went back to Hoboken, gathered our things, and headed home.

Overall, I had a fantastic trip. In fact, I kind of want to live there. That’s how much fun I had in New York City.

Hope you enjoyed the recaps. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

The 3 BEA Books I’m Most Excited to Read

After wandering the floor for a few hours, Emily, Ben and I walked by the Norton booth and saw that Nicole Krauss had a new book coming out: Great House. The three of us adored The History of Love so we were psyched just to have that knowledge. Then I spotted copies of the book. They weren’t really out for grabs but Emily went in search of a Norton rep and snagged us some copies.

Later that day we were (again) wandering and we stumbled upon a line of  people and overheard the words “Sara Gruen.” The three of us also adored Water for Elephants so we went in search of the back of the line. We got to meet Sara Gruen and get copies of her new book, Ape House.

And finally, we saw that Justin Cronin was signing at 4pm. I know The Passage comes out on Tuesday and I wouldn’t have long to wait to buy it, but I’ve been jealously watching everyone else read this so meeting him and getting a copy of  his book was a nice surprise (I thought I had already missed him).

I have more to say about BEA itself, but I wanted to share the books I’m most anxious to read and review. Which one should I read first?

The Preview of the Recap Post: BEA/BBC/NYC

I am back home today (it was a little questionable whether our plane would ever actually leave New Jersey last night so that’s actually a big deal). I am not quite ready to give the full BEA recap yet (most likely this weekend), but I thought I would throw out a teaser with one highlight (so hard to choose!) from each day I was gone.

Wednesday: Getting there safely (nervous flyer here)

Thursday: Author Breakfast with Jon Stewart

Friday: Hanging out with awesome book bloggers all day

Saturday: Books of Wonder bookstore

Sunday: Seeing Neil Patrick Harris filming The Smurfs

Monday: Lunch with one of my oldest friends in Central Park

But the highlight of the whole trip was getting to spend some quality time with Emily from Books, the Universe and Everything. I don’t think I could have had a better first-time-in-NYC trip and that is all thanks to her.

A Special Welcome to New Visitors

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The Sunday Salon: The Too-Excited to Do a Real Post Edition

As I hear everyone discuss how they are frantically packing for BEA and I watch people start to arrive in New York City, my excitement about this week grows. I don’t leave until Wednesday so I am not really frantically doing anything (except incessantly talking about the trip as I have been told by my husband). I’m more of a throw-clothes-in-the-suitcase-10-minutes-before-leaving -for-the-airport kind of girl, but I’m enjoying everyone else’s franticness.

The list of things I’m excited for:

  • I am thrilled to be able to finally “meet” all the wonderful bloggers I feel like I already know so well. This is what I’m most looking forward to.
  • This is my first real trip to New York City. So much to do – I’m thankfully lucky enough to have a great tour guide and hostess.
  • The abundance of books I plan on taking (or shipping) home with me.
  • The Lost finale – did I really just throw that in there? Yep.

And because this IS a Sunday Salon post, here is a little reading update:

Recently finished:

Currently reading:

Currently Listening to:

On Deck (and not ashamed to say so):

TSS – BEA and Book Blogger Convention

The Sunday Salon.comLast May, when I only had a foot in this whole book blogging door, I decided I wanted to go to Book Expo America (BEA) in 2010. A long weekend in New York City – I could manage that. Then the BEA organizers scheduled BEA for the middle of the week (Tues-Thurs). A long weekend is one thing but a whole week?  I automatically decided I couldn’t go.

Next I knew, everyone was signing up for BEA and talking about and I was getting  very jealous of everyone who was able to go. Then the Book Blogger Convention was announced for the Friday following BEA and my desire to go to BEA increased even more. But I still didn’t think I could go.

Then Emily from Books, the Universe, and Everything had a fantastic suggestion: why not go for part of BEA? She only went for one day last year and had a wonderful time. Once this idea got in my head, I knew I had to go. I finally decided to go for the last day of BEA, the Book Blogger Convention, and then stay through the weekend to visit the city. It wasn’t that hard to convince Ben to go to New York with me once I got the housing situation figured out (thanks very much to the generosity of a certain friend).

So that’s it: I’m going to BEA!

I’m very excited to meet all of these online people I know and get a new look at the publishing industry. I’ve been reading tips from past attendees and wouldn’t talk of anything else for days. Apart from driving through it on I-95 and a couple of layovers at JFK and LaGuardia, I have never been to New York City, so part of my excitement is simply seeing this city that I’ve been longing to visit for most of my life.

To anyone else who is also attending these events: I will see you in just a few short months!