The Sunday Salon: The Too-Excited to Do a Real Post Edition

As I hear everyone discuss how they are frantically packing for BEA and I watch people start to arrive in New York City, my excitement about this week grows. I don’t leave until Wednesday so I am not really frantically doing anything (except incessantly talking about the trip as I have been told by my husband). I’m more of a throw-clothes-in-the-suitcase-10-minutes-before-leaving -for-the-airport kind of girl, but I’m enjoying everyone else’s franticness.

The list of things I’m excited for:

  • I am thrilled to be able to finally “meet” all the wonderful bloggers I feel like I already know so well. This is what I’m most looking forward to.
  • This is my first real trip to New York City. So much to do – I’m thankfully lucky enough to have a great tour guide and hostess.
  • The abundance of books I plan on taking (or shipping) home with me.
  • The Lost finale – did I really just throw that in there? Yep.

And because this IS a Sunday Salon post, here is a little reading update:

Recently finished:

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On Deck (and not ashamed to say so):

TSS – BEA and Book Blogger Convention

The Sunday Salon.comLast May, when I only had a foot in this whole book blogging door, I decided I wanted to go to Book Expo America (BEA) in 2010. A long weekend in New York City – I could manage that. Then the BEA organizers scheduled BEA for the middle of the week (Tues-Thurs). A long weekend is one thing but a whole week?  I automatically decided I couldn’t go.

Next I knew, everyone was signing up for BEA and talking about and I was getting  very jealous of everyone who was able to go. Then the Book Blogger Convention was announced for the Friday following BEA and my desire to go to BEA increased even more. But I still didn’t think I could go.

Then Emily from Books, the Universe, and Everything had a fantastic suggestion: why not go for part of BEA? She only went for one day last year and had a wonderful time. Once this idea got in my head, I knew I had to go. I finally decided to go for the last day of BEA, the Book Blogger Convention, and then stay through the weekend to visit the city. It wasn’t that hard to convince Ben to go to New York with me once I got the housing situation figured out (thanks very much to the generosity of a certain friend).

So that’s it: I’m going to BEA!

I’m very excited to meet all of these online people I know and get a new look at the publishing industry. I’ve been reading tips from past attendees and wouldn’t talk of anything else for days. Apart from driving through it on I-95 and a couple of layovers at JFK and LaGuardia, I have never been to New York City, so part of my excitement is simply seeing this city that I’ve been longing to visit for most of my life.

To anyone else who is also attending these events: I will see you in just a few short months!