The Rest of My Birthday Books (and then some)

Instead of saving this for a Mailbox Monday/In My Mailbox post (and because I may be giving memes up for a little while depending on the results of my poll which I’ll share tomorrow), I thought my new books would get their own post today. I had a good chunk of gift card money so on Tuesday, Ben and I had a date night (date night for us = dinner + book shopping).

Here is what I got:

Here are the books Ben picked up with his share of the gift card money:

And here are the other books that found their way into our home this week:

In Which I Give a Shout-out to My Dad

After sending a text message to my dad on my birthday thanking him for this awesome shirt,

he called me and told me to keep my eye on the mail for my other present (does it really get better than the shirt?). On Wednesday, I found a little envelope from Barnes and Noble containing a gift card and this note:

Happy Birthday Michelle, Now you can read more than six books this month!!! ALL MY LOVE ALWAYS, DAD XOXOXO

Obviously my dad read my February recap post and saw that six books per month is all that I ever read. And then he tried to do something about it. Because my dad is awesome like that.

There is one teeny problem though. It’s not a lack of books that prevents me from reading more. I think maybe my dad should come for another visit to see how my library has grown since he last saw it to include at least 400 books that I have yet to read. But that certainly doesn’t keep me from buying more. I will absolutely enjoy using the gift card (still mentally compiling the list it will purchase) and books really are my favorite kind of present.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if buying more books really did lead to reading more books?

Thanks again Dad for the fantastic and thoughtful birthday gifts.