The Sunday Salon – On Commenting

Most of what makes blogging fun is interacting with others through comments, whether through comments left on your own blog or leaving comments on others. Because of this, I love reading comments left for me comments and I hate getting behind on my google reader.

I try to respond to most comments that people leave me, but I wasn’t sure how many of those people were seeing the replies. So to allow for better discussion on this blog, I added a plugin that sends an email to a commenter when someone replies to it. That is one thing I miss about blogging on vox and couldn’t do at – the emails always kept the discussion going when it might have died out because someone understandably wasn’t constantly checking the comments section of a particular post. I hope people like this new feature.

As for other blogs, I try to comment regularly, but I know others are better at it than I am. I have a perpetual goal of commenting more but I’m not sure how you measure that. How do you handle commenting on others blogs? Do you have a regular routine or just comment when you feel like it? Do you have certain blogs you comment on more than others?

[Note: I changed the topis of this weeks TSS because I didn’t read much this week and didn’t finish any books mostly because I was setting up this pretty new blog and watching an insane amount of Gilmore Girls.]