Goodbye, Carmine. You will be missed.

This post is not about books. I simply had some thoughts and wanted to share them.

Yesterday afternoon, Ben’s parents put down Carmine, the family dog of 13 years. She’s been in that family even longer than I have and will be missed every day. She was a fiercely loyal and extremely intelligent German Shepard. When I was a teenager, I used to be terrified of her. I would run to just outside of her electric fence area every time she came near me. But as I became more involved in Ben’s family and eventually ended up living next door to Carmine for three years, I grew to love her and appreciate her for the wonderful dog that she was. You could tell how much she loved her family, especially Ben’s dad. She had no question about who her master was.  When he was out of town, she wouldn’t eat unless you sat with her and she just moped around until he returned. She was a dog you had to get to know to love, but what a dog.

This got me thinking about how sad it is to lose a pet. I remember reading once about how the death of a pet can sometimes be harder than the death of a person because a pet loves you unconditionally and you don’t have such complicated emotions about pets.  I’ve lost many pets over the years, some that have hurt more than others.  And as I get older, I only grow more attached.  When I was a kid, it was a part of life.  But now it’s really like losing a family member.  I can’t imagine my life without the antics of  my cats, Gatsby and Daisy, or not coming home to Mikaila’s  enthusiastic tail wagging (my family’s dog who has spent some time with me in Florida but is now back home with my mom in Michigan).

Has anyone else had similar experiences?  Does you want to share a story of a wonderful pet?

Lady Carmine