Atonement [Three Things Thursday]

Three Things ThursdayAtonement by Ian McEwan
Rating: 4.5/5
Date Read: December 2007

Atonement1. Atonement is the story of how one little girl’s imagination tore apart an English family in 1935. Following the stories of two sisters and the boy they grew up with, Atonement starts in the countryside and takes us into WWII, which works as a pretty effective setting.

2. The ending…sigh. SO GOOD. I adored this book. McEwan has such an amazing ability to create complex characters. I was a little bored by the middle section (Robbie at war) but, as a whole, I enjoyed the novel.

3.  Did you see the movie? I very much enjoyed the movie. Although I still prefer the book. Naturally.

Three Things Thursday is a new weekly feature where I review books I read prior to blogging by sharing just three things about them.