Tech QotD: The Internet 10 Years Ago…

What do you miss most about the internet of ten years ago?

Oh, there are just so many things.

  • The noise of the modem connecting to the internet.
  • Limiting your usage because you paid by the minute.
  • Waiting 2 hours for a song to Download from Napster.
  • The lack of wireless-ness.
  • Those AOL cds that came in the mail.
  • Getting kicked off every 5 minutes.

Ten years ago, I was in high school and thus living with my parents.  To use the internet, I had to go out to the barn (where my dad had an “office”), wait 10 minutes for the computer to get online.  I would be wearing a winter jacket and full scarf, hat, and gloves ensemble because the heat was never turned on.  I would bring a book or some homework with me to do while I waited for pages to load.  It would take 30 minutes to get done what I could do in 5 today.  And I still did all of that because it was the only way.  Things sure have changed.  🙂