TSS – The Results are In

The Sunday Salon.com
As promised, here are the results of my meme survey from earlier in the week.

The results:

After the meme-haters took an early lead, the meme-lovers mounted a comeback and it was almost an even split on whether people liked memes, hated them, or were indifferent. Click on the image for a full-size version.

It was also pretty evenly split on whether you all would rather I post a meme if I have nothing original that day or rather I just not post with the majority preferring a meme over nothing. Again, click on the image for full-size version.

In a more decisive category, it seems that you all expect 3-4 new posts each week regardless of content.

Analysis: So what do these results tell me? That’s a good question. Since it turned out to be a pretty even split among meme-lovers and meme-haters, pleasing everyone is going to be a bit more challenging. Based on comments, however the memes that people dislike the most (and even the meme-lovers mentioned they could skip) were the ones that required no original voice – like Teaser Tuesday. Some memes, like Sunday Salon (which I don’t really think of as a meme because everyone makes it their own) seem perfectly agreeable to everyone.

My plan: When the meme-haters were winning, I considered going meme-free for a trial period. But now that I see the real results, I don’t think that extreme is necessary. Instead, I’m going to pick and choose the memes I participate in more carefully and try to add some of my own personality to any of the ones that I do choose. I’m also going to be more aware of my meme:original post ratio and make sure memes don’t try to take over my blog.

I had fun doing this little experiment even if it didn’t give me clear answers. It was interesting reading all of your thoughts on memes and I thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. I’m glad a discussion on the unoriginality of memes prompted some original discussion.