MWF Seeking BFF [Blog Spotlight]

Today I am going to talk about best friends. Jen from Booklicity has asked me to spotlight MWF Seeking BFF, a blog dedicated to the search of a new best friend. But first, I want to share with you why I relate so much to it and why I think many of you will as well.

When I moved to Florida at age 25, it was essentially the first time I had left home. Sure I went to college (11 miles away from my parents’ house) and got married and even spent a summer in California, but southeast Michigan remained my home. In 2008, I packed all of my possessions in my car and drove 1200 miles south on I-75, and started a life here in Florida.

One thing that hadn’t occurred to me would be how much I would miss having a best friend (we’ll say BFF for simplicity’s sake). In high school, I had a few BFFs. We did everything together and they remain some of my closest friends today. In college, I had Ben (I think I was so focused on this relationship that I sacrificed my other friendships to some extent). It wasn’t until law school that I found that one BFF. The one person that I could rely on for anything. Susan and I met on out first day of law school and we were inseparable for three years. We took classes together, studied together, and just had a lot fun together. When we were both in Ann Arbor, we saw each other practically every day. During our summers apart, we emailed all day long (well, we still do that). When we graduated, I moved to Florida and she moved to St. Louis. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to not have her close by.

I’ve found some great friends in Florida, but I still don’t have that one BFF that I can call at anytime just to talk or watch endless episodes of Buffy with. They have kids or live *just* far enough away that it becomes impracticable or they already have a best friend. I would love to find another Susan and I think I just keep hoping she will show up.

Well Rachel Bertsche is tired of waiting. Like me, she’s moved to a new city (Chicago) and is in need of a new BFF. So she created MWF Seeking BFF, a blog that chronicles her adventures in BFF hunting. Along the way, she discusses various aspects of friendship: can you stay friends with high school friends? (Me: Absolutely);  why your husband is not your BFF; how hard it can be to pick bridesmaids (Me: boy did I struggle with this one); the fictional people she’d most like to be friends with; and whether your twitter friends really are your friends (Me: I disagree with her on this one and think some of my twitter friends are some of my closest friends although I understand the difference).

Maybe I should be like Rachel and be a little more proactive in my search. I tend to rely a lot on my long-distance friendships and they really aren’t the same. If you’ve ever moved to a new place and found yourself a little lost without your best friend, check out MWF Seeking BFF. I know it will at least keep me entertained while I wait for Ms. Perfect BFF to show up.