Munich in Pictures

I have not forgotten about the pictures. I just didn’t remember for a couple weeks. I’ve showed you Athens, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, and Prague. Onto Munich!

After taking the slowest train ever from Prague to Munich and getting in around midnight, we promptly woke up the next day and got on a two hour train to visit Neuschwantstein. Kind of crazy. And turns out Germany can be very cold in June, especially when your jacket stayed behind in Prague. But totally worth it.


Neuschwanstein Castle (just like Cinderella)

Bavarian Alps

The castle is located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.


So we did a little hiking while we waited for our tour to begin.

Mountain Goat

And we saw a mountain goat.


The following day we did a free walking tour of Munich which was probably the most educational tour of the entire trip. We learned A LOT but took very few pictures. This is the Glockenspiel.

Beer Steins

These are the beer steins at the Hofbrauhaus. We didn’t eat or drink there (because the tour guide told us it is basically a tourist trap) but we did walk through.


And later that night we ran into our old friend, Jer, from Michigan who just happened to be in Munich. And thank goodness since he helped cut up the WHOLE FISH that I was served (after watching this normally-a-vegetarian look upon it in horror).

If I don’t forget, Paris is coming up next. Check out the rest of the Germany pictures here.