The Sunday Salon 8.15.10

The Sunday

It’s that time again. I had a pretty uneventful week so let’s jump right in to the summary.

Just Finished:


Currently Reading:

(this one may be on here for quite a few Sunday Salons)

Currently Listing To:

On Deck:

I am going to skip this one this week because every time I put something on here, I lose my desire to read it and I make myself a liar.

New Addition to TBR:

I was kind of a failure at blog reading this week, so I’ve just got this one.

New Bookish Accessories:

While Ben and I were out enjoying the tax-free holiday, we found these fabulous items:

Bed Wedge

e-Pad Portable Laptop Desk

The two items were packaged together for $50 and who am I to pass up a good deal. I do most of my blogging on the couch and because my computer (if it ever returns from the netherworld to which the ever-competent Geek Squad has sent it) is about 1000 degrees, it usually sits on a pillow on my lap anyway. This seems much more practical. And while I LOVE the big Brookstone bed wedge I got for Christmas, it’s too big to use on the couch and I’m usually left stuffing a pillow behind me for support. I’m hoping this gives my back a bit more comfort while I’m reading and blogging.

How was your week? Reading anything interesting this Sunday?

More Christmas Goodies: Reading Accessories Edition

I got several book-related Christmas gifts that I’m super excited about and want to share with you all.

I first heard about reading wedges on twitter. I’ve been having trouble finding a comfortable reading position because my back has been just generally sore lately and I think my poor posture while reading may be part of the problem.  So the solution was to ask for a reading wedge for Christmas.  My mom bought me the Brookstone Bed Wedge Pillow and I’m already in love with it. I carry it from my bed to the couch to the chair and basically use it wherever I go.  It has made sitting down and reading a book or watching tv or typing on my laptop much more enjoyable.

Another problem of mine has been that I married a high school teacher who gets up very early in the morning.  This generally means that he goes to bed much earlier than I do.  Now, thanks to my new LightWedge reading light, instead of going to sleep at an absurdly early hour, I can happily read the night away without bothering him.  I wanted this type of book light because I thought it would be subtler.  I have only used this in the car so far and it seemed a little bright for the driver (although Ben kept telling me it was fine).  I will test it out further next week when school starts back up.  This was a gift from my in-laws who generously gave me both the original and the paperback size.

Finally, and what might be my favorite gift of all, is my University of Michigan Snuggie.  It’s another gift from the in-laws (my mother-in-law went to Michigan State so she must really love me).  I know you all are thinking, “what does Michelle need a snuggie for, she lives in Florida and it’s never cold there.” Well, (a) I currently have the heat on and while it may not be freezing, it is definitely chilly, (b) I am always cold and the air conditioning is usually set way too low for my comfort, and (c) you can put that maize “M” on anything and I will use it.  If only I had a bowl game to watch while wearing it. [Do you think that’s why the guy in this picture looks angry?].

And there you have it: my reading accessories.  I’ve been in a little bit of a reading rut these last few weeks, so hopefully the opportunity to use these new toys will get me reading again.

Did you get any fun reading-related gifts over the holidays?