Top Fives: Television

Today’s Top Fives are not shows that are new this year but just shows that are currently on the air. And they may not be the BEST television but they are my favorites. I actually think I did a pretty good job of not looking like a teenage girl here.

1. Glee

I can’t help it. I love Glee. The stories aren’t wonderful, the characters are inconsistent, but the music is just fantastic (same goes for Sue’s insults and Britney’s random comments). I started watching from the beginning and I must admit that I’m a little embarrassed when I think of how much money I’ve spent on the music (I still think Glee is an iTunes conspiracy). And this year we’ve started a nice tradition of watching it with another couple. We take turns cooking and make an evening of it. I hope Glee continues to be this entertaining for a long time.

2. The Vampire Diaries

Ok, so maybe this is where I do look a little like a teenage girl. But have you seen Vampire Diaries? It’s actually a very good show. It’s fast-paced, the stories are constantly moving forward and staying fresh, and the Salvatore brothers are just so dreamy (I would leave my husband for Damon). I read some of the books and I was not a big fan, but the television version is simply addictive.

3. Parenthood

I started watching Parenthood because of a few of the cast members (Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, Peter Krause from Sports Night) but I stayed because the entire show is enjoyable. It’s a drama about an extended family and it just seems real (for the most part). They don’t have car accidents and drug overdoses and all of those other things television uses to make a show dramatic. It’s much more subtle but it’s also that much better for it.

4. How I Met Your Mother

Ben and I started watching How I Met Your Mother this summer. After years of hearing how funny it was, we finally watched the pilot. And we were hooked from the beginning. We probably watched the first 5 seasons in less than two months. And now we’re all caught up and watching the current one. I love Barney. He makes the show. But what really drew me in was the same thing that drew me to Friends – it’s just fun to follow a group of friends like that. It always makes me wish I had a bar or coffee shop that I met people at every day (does this happen in real life?).

5. Bones

Bones is another show that I only started watching this year. The first 4 seasons are on Netflix Watch Instantly and I flew through them when Ben was away at school. I am all caught up on this one now and I’m watching the current season. It’s so quirky that it makes a genre that I don’t usually watch interesting. And again, I’ve had a crush on David Boreanez since Season 1 of Buffy so that doesn’t hurt. Sidenote: Did anyone else sob at the last end of the most recent episode? I completely lost it.

What is your favorite television show? Any shows that you wish you want to start watching in 2011?

The TBW List

We talk a lot about our TBR lists – the lists of book we want to read – but I also have a constant To Be Watched list: the television series I plan on watching soon. This summer I went gangbusters through Bones. I watched Seasons 1-4 in a matter of weeks (yes, I understand that is a lot of television) but I’m still never caught up on tv. After a conversation on – you guessed it – twitter, I decided I wanted to share this TBW list with you (basically, my Netflix Watch Instantly queue):

(yes, I love Joss Whedon and must watch all of his shows)

What’s next on your TBW list?