Want to Hear the Sound of My Voice?

If you missed my That’s How I Blog Show (or if you just couldn’t get enough and want to experience it all over again), you can listen to it now. You can just hit play below or you can download it to listen to it later. I’m also going to put it on the sidebar so you can find it easily in the future.

Note: The last 20 minutes or so are spent reading Beatrice and Virgil and is full of spoilers. You may want to stop it at that point if you haven’t read it yet.


I had a blast last night and I can’t thank Nicole enough for hosting this show every week and giving all of us book bloggers a chance to get to know each other a little better.

PS – I just listened to it again and while I’m surprisingly ok with the way my voice sounds, I am realizing that I have more of a Michigan accent than I thought I did.