Vox Hunt: Listen to the Lyrics

Audio: Share a song with powerful lyrics.

I like music too much and couldn’t choose, so you get three for the price of one today.

1) Anna Begins – Counting Crows.  I’ve always loved this song and it is because of the amazing lyrics.

2) I Shall Believe – Sheryl Crow

3) Arc of Time – Bright Eyes. I like the very straight-forward nature of this song.  We live, we make choices and mistakes, and we die.  And I like the sarcastic tone he uses about heaven (despite the fact that I just said I go to mass every Sunday in my last post – I’m a complicated girl…).

Vox Hunt: Spicy!

Show us your spice rack.


I laughed when I saw this was the Vox Hunt today.  The reason I laughed
is because I love my spice rack.  I don't cook and it has no useful
spices, but for some reason I adore my spice rack.  It was my favorite
thing that Ben and I put on our wedding registry.  It's not useful.  It
only has a few spices that I actually use.  I've had to purchase more
that don't fit in the rack.  But I still think it is pretty.

Plus, I think it is the same one the Cohens had on The OC.

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Vox Hunt: Arts & Crafts – My Current Project

Show us your current art or crafting project.

Is it arts and crafts week?  Why has every Vox Hunt this week been related to arts and crafts?  This is at least the 4th one.  I've been pretty disappointed by both the Vox Hunt and the Question of the Day lately.

PS – Apparently this blog has turned into my medium of complaining.  Maybe it is because I've stopped reading non-schoolbooks and need something to write about.

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