Liesl & Po [Audiobook Review]

Title: Liesl & Po
Author: Lauren Oliver
Narrator: Jim Dale
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Pages: 320
Audio: 5.9 hours
Year: 2011
Publisher: Harper Audio
Source: Review Copy from Publisher
Rating: 5/5


Liesl’s father just died and she is trapped in the attic by her evil step-mother. That is, until Po (with his pet, Bundle), visits her from the Other Side. With the help of Po, Liesl decides to bring her father back to the home they once loved.

Meanwhile, Will, the alchemist’s apprentice, makes a terrible mistake and flees to the country. He has loved Liesl from afar and finally their paths cross in escape.

My Thoughts:

I already knew Lauren Oliver was talented. She impressed me with Before I Fall and then wowed me with Delirium. This is her first middle grade book, and Liesl & Po solidifies her place among the new generation of writers for young readers.

Liesl & Po is magical. The story-telling is suberb, pulling you in from the start with Liesl and Po’s first conversation and not letting you go until you know the last little detail.  For a middle grade book, it deals with some deep issues and doesn’t underestimate its potentially young readers. This book is smart and entertaining at the same time.

Reading Liesl & Po was a bit like being in a classic middle grade book (think Roald Dahl). Misfortune leads to adventure and happiness with the help of a bit of suspended belief on the part of the reader and impeccable timing on the part of the characters. In a world of very-real-contemporaries and vampire-filled-paranormals, it was refreshing.

Beautifully written, lovely, and charming, this is one for the whole family (and would make a lovely holiday gift).

Audio Thoughts:

Once I discovered Jim Dale was the narrator, I knew this was an audio, not a print, book for me. Jim Dale was fabulous as expected. He is so good with the different voices and really brings the story to life.

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3 thoughts on “Liesl & Po [Audiobook Review]

  1. I have heard good things about this book, and have been wanting to pick it up at some point. I think Oliver has such great talent, and it would be really interesting to see what she creates for a slightly younger audience. This was a wonderful review, and I am glad that you enjoyed it!

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