The Handmaid’s Tale [Mini-Review]

The Handmaid's TaleTitle:The Handmaid’s Tale
Author: Margaret Atwood
Genre: Dystopian
Pages: 392
Year: 1985
Source: Personal Collection
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary/My Thoughts:

You all know the premise of The Handmaid’s Tale, right? In a future where religious extremism has taken over and fertility rates have plummeted, women are “recruited” and given to the powerful men to bear their children.

What makes the book extra horrifying is that the world that exists happened relatively slowly, starting with changes that occurred in response to similar issues we see in our world today.

The book gives you little by little, giving some information but always leaving you wanting to keep reading to know more. The plot doesn’t really move quickly but it does always seem to be moving. Something made me want to just keep reading.

I am glad that I finally read this classic Dystopian book. With all of the Dystopians we are overwhelmed with today, it’s nice to get to one we know will endure.

[Note: I am using the mini-review format while I am away. Full length reviews will return in July.]